The 12 Houses of Kundli and Their Meanings

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Meaning of 12 Houses in Kundali

Throughout Vedic astrology, the twelve houses identified as “Bhavas” are much like the twelve astrological signs that shape the base of one’s existence. Each one of these houses in kundali is governed by a number of different signs. The Kundali or the Vedic birth chart has twelve equal parts of each house. The zodiac starts in the counter-clockwise direction with the first house and travels around the other, making a 360 ° angle.  Astrologers use these 12 houses in kundali to foretell the future and guide our present life in the greatest possible manner. Each one of these houses is associated with a certain range of attributes. Every house reflects or regulates several things in an individual’s life. Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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  • First House represents yourself and your looks, and your physique. It denotes your personality that includes temperament, body frame, health, ego, nature, childhood. It also reflects your life choices, your weaknesses, and strengths, likes, and dislikes. Your viewpoints, opinions, and perspectives in life can be ruled out through the first house.
  • The second house represents your possessions and finances. Also, your material possessions like investments, properties, cars, etc. can be figured through the second house. Along with the positions, it also represents body organs like teeth, mouth, tongue, facial bones, and voice of a person.
  • The third house denotes your memory ability, cognitive and mental inclinations can be ruled out through this house. This house indicates your neighbors, siblings, habits, journeys, mental intelligence, and communication. It governs hands, legs, shoulders, nervous system, and arms.
  • The fourth house denotes real estate matters, stomach, chest, digestive organs, vehicles, and relation with your mother. It also signifies your overall household happiness. If your fourth house is weak, it may result in respiratory problems.
  • The Fifth House rules year creativity level, pleasure, romance, playfulness, and intelligence. It also denotes your capability to innovate and create. Your luck, optimism, and fortune can also be ruled out. It governs your heart, pancreas, spine, and gallbladder.
  • The sixth house denotes how powerful your competitors and enemies will be. This will also reveal your strength over them. Obstacles like debts can also be ruled out. It governs your navel, a part of the large intestine, kidney, waist, small intestine, lower abdomen, and appendix.
  • The seventh house denotes your spouse, marital life. It also indicates your business partnerships and every kind of relationship you form. The personality and traits of your partner can be figured out through the seventh house. This house governs ovaries, genitals, and lowers back.
  • The eighth house denotes death, sudden events, longevity, wealth, gains and losses, and diseases. This house is also about transformations and mysteries, and therefore, if afflicted, it can bring the native depression, miseries, lack of mental peace, and even imprisonment. This house governments your external sexual organs and pelvic bones
  • Ninth house denotes dreams, religious instincts, principles, good karma, ethics, good deeds, fortune, and luck. A strong ninth house denotes foreign settlement, traveling, and great ethical standards. It governs your thigh bones, left leg, bone marrow, arterial system, and thighs.
  • The tenth house represents your career, prestige, and reputation. It gives you an idea about your professional life, choices, and outcomes. This house governs your joints, kneecaps, bones, and knees.
  • The eleventh house denotes your income, fame, friend circle, wealth, acquaintances, elder brother, and profits. It governs the right leg, ankle, left-arm, and shin bone.
  • The twelfth house represents the beginning of spiritual journeys and the completion of a life cycle. It is a house of imprisonment, unconscious, and self doing. It denotes your secrets, dreams, emotions, and intuitions. This house governs your feet, lymphatic system, and the left eye.

All in all, these 12 houses in kundali comprise the way of an individual’s entire life. Your whole life and its million outcomes can be predicted through the planets positioned in these twelve houses. However, it would be best for you not to take matters in your own hands, always consult a good astrologer before making big decisions.

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