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When you are looking for a partner searching on matrimonial sites and taking the help of your relatives to find a suitable match when you crossed the age of marriage, this question arises sometimes that whom I should get married but if astrology is concerned you will have a clear answer.

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This is not for people who are in a relationship but those who are looking for an arranged marriage. One of my customers from Kerala (31) is a very qualified teacher working as a government employee in a school. She hired me for her horoscope matching and presented me 5 horoscopes. The first one was of the relative. The second one was of a well-settled Businessman. The third one was of a colleague’s teacher but the age difference of 10 years. The 4th horoscope was a government employee in the agriculture department but is difference 12 years. V horoscope she gave me e the person was software engineer the age difference 2 years younger. 

After looking into all horoscopes I suggested she to marry a person whose horoscope was matching with her and this person was his relative not well settled but educated own shop.

She was confused because with a relative she did not agree to get married and this was the choice of her parents.

There are many challenges when you are looking for a suitable match especially when you have crossed your marriage age.

The age gap

Sometimes you have to compromise with the age gap when you get married late. It happens when the Saturn aspect is in the 7th house. When such a planetary position exists the age gap with a partner could be of 6 years. If Saturn exists on 7th house the age gap could be more than 6 years and up to 12 years.

Big difference in career and Finance can be a cheating

A customer from Mohali got diverged at the age of 33 and another person from Chandigarh who was 12 years younger than he wanted to get married to her. After looking into the horoscope of both I thought they will definitely get married but this marriage is not suitable for or both of them. I simply said no. Later they consulted another astrologer who said yes. They moved to Australia but I have listened to the lady who has come back to India because he cheated her and was involved in another relationship. Sometimes you compromise but to whom you are getting married must be reliable and he might have not a solid reason to getting married to you.

In the Indian astrology, it happens when you are looking for a match you will go to an Astrologer when you will get a big no you will find another astrologer who says yes.

When there is a good time like Venus Mercury moon or Jupiter you will have a suitable match and when you have Rahu and Ketu period you will not have relevant horoscopes to match.

So if you are looking for a suitable match and if you are over-aged just give me a chance to match your Horoscope. At least I can give you a prediction when you will have a suitable match so that you can get married to a relevant person you are looking for yourself.

Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

I am Ashok Prajapati, an astrologer from Ambala, India. People rely on astrology for their horoscope reading. The real astrology comes from intuition not from calculation. I have a thorough knowledge of astrology in terms of life & marriage prediction. When you help someone the blessing of someone make your words true. I believe in this thing and always ready to help you.


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