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Thanks for reading Virgo marriage horoscope 2018 & marriage prediction for Virgo this year. So this year going to be very lucky for you because Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu these three are favorable in 2018. The Virgo zodiac sign are high meticulous in nature and take the decisions with proper care. Looking at the marriage horoscope for Virgo in 2018, there are several things that are indicating for positive results in terms of marriage. They would be able to manage their relationships efficiently in case the situations become complex. Planetary transitions have great impact on marriage related decisions in the life of a person. Have a look at what the planets and their transitions are indicating for Virgo people. Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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Virgo marriage horoscope 2018 & planets

At present, the planets are in a favorable position for marriage as per the marriage horoscope of Virgo in 2018. Planet Jupiter is in Libra at present. It is considered as significant for the auspicious events and the movement of Jupiter in this house provides favorable results. Saturn is in 4th house that is not considered auspicious for marriage related decisions. However, it is not causing any hindrance in marriage. The love relations will enjoy a fresh and energetic phase with the position of Sun in 5th house. The position of Rahu and Ketu in the 5th house will lead to positive turns in the love relations after 2 months. Singles can therefore get success in love relations and move forward in the relationship.

Virgo Marriage prediction 2018 & Jupiter’s 2nd position

Planet Jupiter holds high importance as it has significant impact on love and marriage related decisions. It is in the 2nd house of Virgo. This will result in an auspicious environment at home and is also good for marriage related decisions till the mid of October. The ascendants of this zodiac sign will enjoy festival like environment at home for the whole year and the atmosphere will be full of joy and happiness. The financial condition will also remain good and you could expend on good deeds. There are chances for betterment in job as well and Virgo people will also be able to make the partner understand their point easily. At the end of this year, Jupiter will transit in the 3rd house and will have its eye on Pisces that is in the 7th house. This will also make favorable situations. If Virgo people are looking forward for marriage in this year then this is also not a bad idea. There are chances that marriage related decisions might get fixed between May to June and then till the month of September, marriage might also take place. The month of October is also favorable. If due to some reason, the marriage of some people is delayed then it could take place after 2 years. This is due to the eye of Jupiter on 7th house from Scorpio.
Finally Virgo marriage prediction 2018 is positive
Overall, for the ascendants of Virgo zodiac sign, both love marriage as well as arranged marriage are favorable in this year and could give successful results. Singles might move forward in their love relations and married couples might enjoy good time with their partner. The transitions of planets are in favor and giving favorable outcomes for the ascendants of Virgo this year. So it was Virgo marriage horoscope 2018 with the best I could with interpretation. If you are clear about your moon sign this year you will definitely get married but if you don’t know your moon sign you can read your marriage prediction by name also. I hope the articles on marriage astrology will help my esteemed readers.

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