Ways to know you’ve met your soul mate

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Ways to know you’ve met your soul mate

People ask “does one get a warm fuzzy feeling in the pits of their stomachs, as soon as they come face to face with their intended soul mate? Or does one hear violins in the background, as music starts streaming, as soon as you make contact with the man or woman of your dreams? Well, destiny is rather strange. You might not feel all warm and cozy or hear violins, but there are other ways to know that the search for the perfect someone has ended.

Psychics to the rescue

Psychics often help predict the future; which is what makes them all the more special. The more they help you look for your soul mate, the stronger the chances are of being able to meet “The One”. With this said and done, you have to make sure you are approaching some of the highest rated psychics to ensure you are not getting swindled out of your money. Keep faith on your heart, your luck and your destiny; rest assured, no one in this world can keep you away from meeting the person of your dreams.

Here are some tips to know you have met your soul mate:

  • Friends before partners: It’s often said, that friendship is stronger than love. But what happens, when your best friend is the one you love? The bond will automatically become stronger than before, right? Did this bring a smile to your face? Have that special someone, with whom you share just about everything? Chances are, they might be your soul mate, and you did not realize it till now. Open your heart out, and pop the question. They might be feeling the same, but might be afraid to tell you. Make it comfortable for them, before popping the question. You would want to gauge their feelings, before telling them what you feel. As soon as you are confident about their feelings, spill it out. This would not only help create a magical feeling in your relationship, but also help you develop a bond which is way more than friendship and well beyond love.
    • When you start talking, you just don’t feel like stopping: When you start talking to your partner, you feel like he/she is listening to you and understanding you, while keeping all types of judgment at bay. You just feel like going on and on, without wanting to stop. This is what true love feels like. Your soul mate will accept you for what you are, without ever stopping to think if it is right or wrong.
    • When your partner is not around, you miss him/her: Love is a funny thing. It makes you feel closer to the person you want to be with. As soon as that person is not around you, you tend to feel a void in your life. If you are going through such a phase yourself, chances are you have definitely found your soul mate.


  • They urge you to do your best: Only a soul mate would ever really go the extra mile to make sure you are giving your best, by pushing your limits. As soon as you fall, they will be there to pick you up, dust you off and again push you to give it your best. This is what soul mates do; they help you face the difficulties in life, so that you can emerge a clear winner.
  • The chemistry says it all: No matter how long you both have been together; it will still feel special. The chemistry says it all; a little bit of bickering, and lots of fun are all a part of the game. But where there is love, there would be fights. So if you both fight, but still hold each other at the end of the day, chances are you are with the perfect soul mate.
  • You feel one with each other: While this might sound right out a romance novel, but the truth of the matter is, it’s the truth. If they are hurt, you feel miserable; if they are happy, you feel on top of the world. Such is the feeling of eternal love. You just can’t fight the feeling; nor live without it.
  • Silence just does not feel like silence with them: Just like good friends, you don’t need to keep talking to express yourself always. Your actions will speak louder than words; express yourself through your emotions and let your feelings do all the talking for you. Your soul mate will understand your emotions as clearly as words, allowing you to be comfortable in their presence.
  • You’re each other’s biggest support: When the world lets you down, you tend to run to the one who has always been there by your side. This is what it means to be in love with the right person. No matter how much you tell them about your problems, chances are, they would know without you telling them even. That’s what makes soul mates even better than what they are.
  • You both will be strong for each other: We’re humans at the end of the day; during an emotional turmoil, you can’t be expected to stay strong. When one of you is down, the other will automatically be strong enough to handle the relationship. One hug and you know your problems will be just problems, with an early expiry date.
  • Stronger when apart: While being together definitely makes you both strong, but being apart really tests the relationship’s strength. Being stronger together is something which comes naturally; however, the real test is when the two of you are apart. The strength of your relationship will not cease to amaze you.


There is something about love; not everyone can decipher this feeling easily. Only those who have experienced it first hand or have found their perfect partners will understand the reality of love. The more you explore, the more you will begin to realize the purity of this feeling.

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