What is The Purpose behind Making of Kundali

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Janam Kundali Making

We all are familiar with the term of Janam Kundali as well as its use in the prediction of marriage, childbirth, business and other events. It is also used in figuring out the solution. Also known as a birth chart or horoscope, it is a basic astrological tool to find out all the details about the person it belongs to. Simply put, a Janam Kundali is the prediction of one’s life. Your Janam Kundali shows the positions of certain planets at the time of your birth along with the name, time of birth, and place of birth. Have you ever thought why Janam Kundali is made? Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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As we have told you before that Janam Kundali records the planetary events taking place during the birth of a person. Based on these events, an astrologer can determine the problems as well as their solutions. Before knowing the benefits of Kundali making, it is important to know how Kundali works. It will help you understand how the making of Kundali can benefit you more clearly.

How Kundali Works

The Janam Kundali or birth chart is divided into 12 houses as well as different zodiac signs and planets. Among these 12 houses, the first house (Lagna or ascendant) belongs to the person itself and the rest all houses are arranged in an anticlockwise way. These houses give hints about the trait of the native (the person it belongs to). Each house in the Kundali represents different aspects in one’s life, including career, marriage, money, relationship and success. These planets continue to move in various signs over the day, month and year, creating new possibilities for the native.

What is the Purpose behind Making of Kundali?

Now that you have understood how Kundali works, here are some reasons why Kundali is important in one’s life.

Figuring Out Problems and Solutions:

Cruel planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and Mars are associated with negativity and bring problems in one life. An astrologer generally looks for the positions of planets in the birth charts to predict the problems and suggest solutions accordingly.


In the Hindu community, it is common to matching the Kundali or horoscope of a boy and a girl to check their marital compatibility. Janam Kundali is used to match the gunas of both sides. Also, it tells about one’s marital life, pleasures and potential troubles.

Studying the Characteristics:

Making of Kundali is also important as it records the traits or characteristics of the native. The different planet positions at the time of birth can determine the good side and bad side of a person. This way, a Kundali guides you through your power as well as a shortcoming. It tells you about your key elements like Earth, Air, Fire and Water and each is associated with the different trait. Then, your sun sign determines your creativity and power. The position of the moon in your birth chart speaks about your emotional side. The position of Mars tells about your level of aggression while Mercury determines how you communicate.


A Kundali is also useful in determining fruitful career choices based on the planetary positions as well as the traits defined. The 10th house, 2nd house, 11th house and 7th house are important for one’s profession and source of earning. If they are ruled by certain planets, the horoscope shows the favourable career. For example, if the houses are ruled by Mercury, a native can make a good career as writers, journalist, accountant or banker. Venus is the planet of creative works while Sun, Moon and Mars create job opportunity in government services.


Moon and Jupiter are responsible for wealth in one’s horoscope. Venus gives luxuries and comforts while Mercury is important for financial gain. So you must have understood the role of making Kundali in one’s life. Make sure to get your Janam Kundali read by an experienced and efficient astrologer.

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