When will I get a job according to my kundali?

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There are so many aspects of life that we can assess through Vedic astrology. There are so many decisions that can be made on the basis of it, and there are a lot of people who do things according to astrology. It’s the faith that keeps us going. Important decisions like education, career, marriage, progeny is discussed and consulted by astrologers so that we only receive the best in life. That brings us to an essential aspect of our life, which is our careers. Let’s take a look When will you get job according to kundali. Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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Our lives are built on the basis of our careers. It is a significant part of our lives, and if we have a promising career, then there is nothing that can stop us. Progress in career implies growth in life. Without it, life comes to a halt. People are depressed and stressed due to the lack of good jobs. If you have a good job in your hands, there is an income flowing, which would keep you satisfied and happy. Of course, it is not the only thing that makes someone happy, but it definitely defines a purpose in life. When it comes to career and astrology, a lot of people are guided and counseled through it. Sometimes people do not know which career path would bring them success, and in this case, astrology helps them a lot. For instance, a person who is born to be a diplomat should focus their energy on being one instead if they choose to become a teacher which is not a bad job but would give them a sense of restlessness and unfulfillment all through their life. There are two ways we can look at this perspective— How astrology affects career and the timing of your job. How does astrology affect the timing of the job? The strength of Saturn matters a lot when it comes to the timing of the career. For example, if you have Saturn placed in the seventh house, your job would be most likely to be a form of a business partnership, or it could also signify that your career will boost after marriage.

  • The effect of Saturn in the birth chart
  • Effect of Saturn’s transit in your life.
  • Other planetary positions in the tenth house.

As you already know, there are twelve houses in the natal chart that represents every aspect of your life. Your career is also signified and represented by a house, which is the tenth house; it indicates your career path, challenges, entire professional life, and promotions. Having said that, the planet Saturn plays a vital role in determining your career. Career, according to your wishes, is guaranteed if Saturn is well-positioned. In case the placement of Saturn is not favorable, then your career journey would be a bit difficult and full of obstructions. Malefic planets or conjunctions in the tenth house would also adversely affect the professional life of the person. This also means that there will be huge delays in getting a job and being promoted. Along with that, the native has to face a lot of issues in his or her workplace. The tenth house is also known as the Kendra. If Saturn is placed in a conjunction that is favorable with the Lord of your ascendant house or in the Trikona, you are bound to get the job you desire. Another factor that brings success in a career is when Saturn is in the fifth house, and the sun is in the tenth house. There will be no hurdles, and there will be timely appraisals and promotions. I hope this article has cleared your doubts about when will you get Job according to kundali. Your Kundali or birth chart signifies a lot about your career or the timing of your job. Consult an expert astrologer to affirm the timing of your job to get the best results.

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